Our Company

ELLEBIUNO was established in the 1980s by a group of partners with a long work experience in the confectionery and food industry. Rapidly, it has become an important company in the world of the Southern Italy confectionery industry thanks to the quality of its products and the right market choices. Customer tastes and needs has always been its main objectives and its products boats both home and abroad trades, as a result it has became successful thanks to its own company policy. Because of this positive results, the company has ploughed the profits back into new equipment and has improved the production itself. Among the most sold and appreciated products we have: ice pops and pasteurized water ices ready to be frozen.

In particular, ice pops have been planned for a family target, they are liquids packed in small envelops or little cups easy to handle. It is necessary to freeze them only for two hours to obtain the typical ice pop as we traditionally know. In the last years, ELLEBIUNO has also produced biological ice pops and water ices, so that even in this particular limited market niche, the company has been able to put itself on this important market with significant results: the company is placed on the home market between 20% and 25%. In addition, thanks to its sale representatives on the whole Italian territory, Ellebiuno has increased its sales: 70% in the Southern Italy, 15% in the North Italy and 15% abroad.

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